5 Advantages of Using A Concierge Service for Relocation Assistance

Summertime is the season for vacations and barbecues, but it’s also historically the busiest moving season. Post-pandemic, many people are reassessing their career goals, family needs, and retirement wants and making bold moves. They are seeking more open spaces, better weather, and lower costs of living. 

The real estate industry is booming, and the cities we serve (Tampa, Sarasota, and Nashville), are seeing large influxes of new residents and second home owners as well as people making moves out of our service areas to take on career promotions or settle their families in new areas. 

If you find yourself considering a relocation, or you have already decided on relocating, you know as well as anyone, a move can be stressful. Relocation concierge services can help you focus on the reasons you want to be in your new home and city instead of focusing on the stress of getting there. Here are the advantages of using Carver Concierge for a move incoming to or outgoing from one of the areas we serve:

  1. Decluttering– When you are moving from an area, the last thing you want is to take along extra things that will become clutter or sit in a box in your new home. We can help you declutter and coordinate junk and donation removal, so you move as light as possible with what you really want and use.
  2. On-site wait services– Upon arriving at a new location, you will have several appointments to schedule between work, family, and your new home’s set-up needs. When you feel like you need a second you, we can fill the gap. Do you need to go into your new office but also need to be at home for cable set-up? Do you need someone to accept a furniture delivery but have other places you need to be too? We offer on-site wait services so you can take care of what you need to, and we can take care of the rest. We’d even be happy to grab a bottle of your favorite wine for you to unwind with after returning home from a long day of errands. 
  3. Unpacking- It’s tempting to leave boxes in the garage or a spare room and never look back, but you know you’ll feel better if you get everything in its place. Carver Concierge can set up a plan to get everything in order for you, so you can feel right at home as soon as possible.
  4. Home Provider Set-Up– We have a vetted list of preferred providers from pool service to lawn care to housekeeping. We can take care of setting up new services and save you hours of time in researching online and making calls. Jump in your pool and enjoy your backyard. We’ll ensure your waters are sparkling; your lawn stays lush; and your home is clean and welcoming. 
  5. All the details you may not have even considered- As you are swamped with real estate sell, purchase, or rent transactions, we can be making packing lists, coordinating with trusted movers, finding a storage unit close to your new home, inventorying your current storage unit, and creating checklists that will help keep all the processes on track.  

Our primary goal as we help with your relocation is to give you peace of mind and help you enjoy the last memories of one home and start building your life in your new home and community. To learn more about how relocation assistance can keep your lifestyle uninterrupted, contact us today by phone at 813-546-4070 or by email at info@carverconcierge.