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in Tampa, Florida

We offer Tampa’s premier personal concierge and assistance service.

A city full of culture and sunshine

A major port city and third most populated region of Florida following Miami and Jacksonville, Tampa is a business center known for museums, a bustling waterfront district, rich history, Busch Gardens, and quick access to other popular Florida destinations such as St. Pete and Orlando. Tampa also is home to MacDill Air Force Base, the home of Central Command and Special Operations Command for the US Armed Forces. Many native Floridians live in Tampa Bay as well as those who have relocated from northern states for either work, better weather, or the laid-back Florida lifestyle.

Our Concierge Services in Tampa FL

  • Dry cleaning pick-up
  • Personal meal service preparation
  • Prescription pick-up
  • Wait services for cable, utility, housekeeping, and other service providers.
  • Lawn care, housekeeping, home organizers, pet sitting, and on-site car care through our vetted list of partner providers.
  • Home organization to include arranging consignment and donations
  • Personal and business travel arranging
  • Calendar management
  • Coordination of petsitting and vet appointments
  • Mailing and shipping
  • Personal correspondence
  • Gift shopping, wrapping, and delivery
  • Personal shopping
  • Home project management
  • Concierge packages for your most valuable talent
  • Customized relocation assistance for your new executive hires
  • Retention packages
  • Giftable hours for your executive team
  • Team gift shopping and wrapping 
  • Luncheon coordination 
  • Executive calendar management
  • Dry cleaning pick-up
  • Restaurant reservations for meetings
  • Bookings for off-site conference rooms
  • Car maintenance appointments
  • Move management
  • Transfer of utility services
  • Packing and unpacking assistance
  • Oversight of the movers
  • Organization donations and pickups
  • Rental car reservations
  • Pet move accommodations
  • Coordination of cleaning services for your new and former home
  • Research of local resources such as schools, medical care, and childcare
  • Dorm room shopping, delivery, and set-up
  • Room unpacking and organization
  • International student support
  • Between semester support- packing, shipping, storage, and travel assistance
  • Home or apartment rental location
  • Utility set-up
  • Furnishing shopping, set-up, and delivery
  • Move-out oversight
  • Home essentials and grocery shopping and stocking
  • Parents’ weekend reservations and coordination

Why we love serving Tampa Bay

For many of the same reasons people were first drawn to live in Tampa Bay, people still want to make Tampa and neighboring St. Petersburg home- sunny weather, job opportunities, moderate cost of living, and ample things to do year-round from cultural festivals to riverfront bike rides. Job opportunities related to government and private business sectors and a strong entrepreneurial community offer many people the opportunity to live and work where others dream of vacationing.

You can still walk the streets of Ybor City and see the cigar factories which were the catalyst for the city’s growth and the drive of cultural influence in the area. The Riverwalk and Sparkman Wharf areas hug the Hillsborough River. South Tampa encompassing the Soho and Hyde Park districts offer many outdoor dining options aside from historic neighborhoods which move inland from Bayshore Blvd. the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Bayshore Blvd. meanders alongside beautiful waterfront homes and provides unparalleled views of the city. Out of Tampa’s downtown port, cruise ships take Tampa residents and tourists to Caribbean destinations. Locals enjoy the ample sporting events of championship teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Warm weather year-round means there is never a lack of activity buzzing in the city.

Tampa Bay was Carver Concierge’s first home and is where founder Nicole Carver calls home. The people are friendly. The area is alive and growing, and we have the privilege of serving a diverse clientele base across the entire Tampa Bay area from the suburbs of Tampa to the shores of St. Petersburg.

Whether you choose to call Tampa Bay your full-time home or seasonal residence, we’re here to serve you, so you can take in all the Bay has to offer.

Whether you choose to call Tampa Bay your full-time home or seasonal residence, we’re here to serve you so you can take in all the Bay has to offer.

Concierge Services in Tampa, Florida