6 Client Gift Ideas to Help you Stand out this Holiday Season

The weather is getting colder, and you’re ready to cozy up next to the Christmas tree with a candle flickering nearby, and the scent of sugar cookies baking in the oven. But first, you have a mile-long list of presents to buy, wrap, and give. And not just for your friends and family – your clients, too, but you may feel you’re drawing a blank on client gift ideas. 

Whether you work with a large company or you’ve struck out on your own, you might feel overwhelmed or intimidated at the idea of choosing holiday gifts for your clients. You might wonder if it’s necessary or expected. But, more than anything, you just wish someone would do it for you or at least point you in the right direction. 

Don’t worry and let out a big sigh – we’ve got this. 

Why should I send holiday gifts? 

The truth about gifts is that they are not just another task to check off in December – they are an opportunity for you and your business to stand out. A holiday gift is a chance to show your most valued client that you appreciate them and want to continue building your working relationship. And, depending on the present, it can be a reminder of the great work you do for them all year long

Here are some of our favorite client gift ideas that your clients will love as you send them some holiday cheer and gratitude. 

1. Custom Chocolates

Who can say no to chocolate?  2 Chicks with Chocolate are guaranteed to WOW. These beautiful handmade chocolates are gorgeous in presentation and can be customized per your request. Make sure to order some for you too!

2. Notebooks

No matter how much time we spend in our digital world, there is something about writing in a physical notebook that gets the creative juices flowing. Whether your client fills up his notebook with goals and dreams or just their to-do list, this practical gift will remind them that you’re ready to support them as they check things off the list. Many companies, like Moleskine, offer to emboss your logo as well. 

3. Gourmet Gifts

Joe and Sons Olive Oils  has something for everyone on your list.  Gourmet and local foods, amazing olive oils, and balsamic vinegars to tantalize the tastes buds. This local Tampa-based company has grab and go gift ideas for clients, teachers, family, and friends. They also ship anywhere and customize labels, just ask.  

4. Mug or Water Bottle

It always seems like we have enough mugs and water bottles until we get a shiny new one! Whether your client is working from home or the office, a mug or a water bottle (or both!) is their constant companion. When you give them their new favorite, expect your business to be on their mind a lot more often. S’well and Brümate have options that are both sleek and customizable. 

5. Unique Gifts

If you need a hand picked creative, original gift, or experiences that surpass the ordinary you’ll find that special something at Uncommon Goods.  When you make purchases they also make a donation to non-profit organizations across the globe, making it a two-fer. 

6. Beautiful Curated Gift Boxes

Are you hoping to impress your client with your impeccable taste? Olive and Cocoa is known for providing high-quality products. These gift baskets combine gourmet food with gorgeous design – a beautiful wooden box with a red bow, making your client feel appreciated and inspired. 

Need some help this holiday? 
If you’d like your Christmas to be even cozier, let Carver Concierge’s teams in Tampa and Nashville shop for client gifts, plan your holiday menu, and much more, so you’ll have more room on your plate for the things you actually enjoy (like sugar cookies). Contact us by phone at 813-546-4070 or by email at [email protected] to plan the rest of your holiday season.