Best Nashville Coworking Spaces for Women

If you live in Nashville or frequently visit for your work travels, you know it’s much more than just the best live music scene. It’s also the home to a growing community of self-starters, creatives, and business professionals–many of them driven, entrepreneurial women with thriving businesses.  

Moving on short deadlines and energized by triple espressos with a laptop in hand, many women who work in Nashville want to get beyond their hotel rooms or office’s four walls to find refreshed drive and motivation. Besides, the city is full of so many interesting places to work, that plugging in your Macbook and checking off your to-dos can certainly feel more enjoyable in the right atmosphere. 

It’s time to explore the best Nashville coworking spaces for women. And we think with so many choices around the city, you’ll find your perfect fit!

The Benefits of Coworking

Using a coworking space has a ton of benefits. Getting away from your home or office can instantly brighten your mood and get the creative juices flowing. 

Let’s face it— most of us have too many distractions at home. Does any of this sound familiar? While you try to shut yourself away in your office, you can hear your teen recreating a viral TikTok recipe in the kitchen while your loud pup barks at the Amazon driver dropping off packages. Meanwhile, your husband is convinced that he can fix the washing machine, and the clanging of dismantling goes on for hours. 

Somehow, through all of this, you’re supposed to make client calls, write emails, manage your website, and run a team call. So, deciding home isn’t the most conducive to your productivity (and sanity), you look for somewhere that’s distraction-free and full of other hard-working women tackling their day-to-day. 

Coworking spaces can be the answer to finding the perfect mix of quiet space to work and networking when you want to step away. Some Nashville spaces even offer after-hours events to mingle with other high-achieving women.

Our top picks for Nashville Coworking Spaces for Women

The Sapphire Suite 

Our CEO, Nicole Carver, frequently uses the elegant Sapphire Suite, located in Franklin, when she works with her team and clients in Nashville. When the Carver team recently needed new brand photography, she chose this location because of its glamorous vibe and natural light. With over 5,500 square feet of workspaces, from private call rooms to boardrooms and sophisticated cowork spaces, you’ll find a relaxing atmosphere to create and do. Day passes are available for those passing through town, and memberships are also available for those who want a more regular space with many luxe amenities. 

Collective 615 

Another of our personal favorites is Collective 615. Between The Nations and Sylvan Park neighborhoods, you’ll find Collective 615, a luxurious space in Nashville designed by women, for women. Located in a historic 1929 restored hosiery factory in west Nashville, Collective 615 boasts soaring ceilings and truly inspiring windows. In the spirit of connecting women professionally and personally, Collective 615 hosts keynote speakers, workshops, and happy hours in addition to offering beautiful spaces for gatherings, working, or photo shoots.  


Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, Expansive shines as a coworking space dedicated to promoting women in the workplace. It has a Mother’s Room – because breastfeeding moms have glass ceilings to break, too. Expansive prioritizes health and wellness, which are essential whether you’re running a one-woman business or a multinational corporation and offers cowork spaces in several major US cities. Each is intentionally designed to allow in as much sunlight as possible and provide outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Additionally, if your business needs virtual office solutions, you can find those here. 

Industrious Nashville

Industrious Nashville is a great coworking option for women who travel for work. It offers two Nashville sites – Downtown and in the Gulch – and more than 120 locations worldwide. You can work for a day or purchase a flexible membership that allows you to work at any site, so you can ensure your business never gets jetlagged (even if you do). 


InDo (short for Inspiration Domain) is not a typical coworking space – it has a creative vibe that appeals to entrepreneurs looking for a fresh workspace with true Nashville character. InDo’s co-founder, Kate Richardson, is a music exec and co-founder of the Richlynn Group. Her passion for music and business shines through in the space’s atmosphere. One-of-a-kind networking and music events also make this location a fun choice to crack open your laptop.

With so many functional and beautiful spaces for women, Nashville’s great coworking spaces for women will keep you energized and focused to tackle even the most tedious tasks. And don’t forget – while you’re hosting a mastermind in one of the board rooms or strategizing for Q2, Carver Concierge can take everything else off your plate. You will find a great work location and the mental space to achieve your greatest goals!