College Concierge Services: Student Support for Parents’ Peace of Mind

You may be aware of or even use concierge services for personal tasks like arranging travel, personal shopping, or other day-to-day errands that once called for your time. But have you thought of how a concierge service could help your college student (which also helps you)?

As the summer days tick down, if you have a student who will be college-bound in the fall, you’ll need to embark on that transition journey with them from home to getting safely settled into their dorm or apartment.

Or, if you’re sending your student to study in the US from abroad, college concierge services can help them feel at home and safe in their new city and school. In addition, you can have a point of contact and connection with a personal concierge service for your college student.

It’s time to give your student caring support and offer yourself peace of mind.

Carver Concierge offers college concierge services in the cities we serve, Nashville and Tampa. Both cities are home to many excellent educational institutions. In Tampa, the University of Tampa (UT) and the University of South Florida (USF) are top university choices for US and international students. Nashville is home to many prestigious and well-known schools such as Vanderbilt, Belmont, Fortis, and Tennessee State University (TSU), just to name a few. We can accommodate students’ and families’ needs at any of these schools.  

Student stress is higher than it’s ever been. According to the American Psychological Association, adults ages 18 to 23 are experiencing the highest stress levels ever. Whether newly entering college students or a few years of study in, students have experienced many abnormal disruptions over the last two years to what should be a fun right of passage. 

While you know letting them handle the everyday stressors of adulthood is necessary for getting their feet wet in the real world, you want your student to enjoy this time of personal and educational growth. College concierge services relieve unnecessary stress so that they can focus fully on their education. Concierge services provide the all-in-one solution to uncomplicate their life and yours, too.

There are many college concierge services that we offer. 

Our college services can provide caring help even when you and your student are far apart. We can offer on-campus and off-campus services. 

On-Campus Support

  • Dorm room shopping, delivery, and set-up
  • Unpacking and organization
  • International student support
  • Between semester support-packing, shipping, storage, and travel assistance
  • Travel arrangements

Off-Campus Support

  • Home or apartment rental location assistance
  • Set-up of utilities
  • Home essentials and grocery shopping, and stocking
  • Organization, set-up, furnishings shopping, and delivery
  • Move-out oversight to include packing, organizing, cleaning, and shipping
  • Travel arrangements 

In addition to helping college students, we’re here to make their college experience one you’ll also find memorable by offering services for parents’ weekends. We can coordinate reservations, arrange travel, and find extra-special activities you can enjoy together. When you can’t be on campus, we can ensure your student knows you’re rooting for them with care packages, fun tailgate boxes, and birthday gifts. 
Don’t start the fall in a frenzy when it comes to college planning. Instead, let Carver Concierge lighten the load for you and your college-bound student.