Considering a Relocation Concierge? Here is why you need one.

Florida is home to beautiful beaches, year-round sports and hundreds of parks & attractions. According to economists, 906 people move to Florida everyday– and being one of the countries biggest booming business and housing markets, it’s easy to see why. But for anyone who has ever moved (raise your hand, that’s all of us!) as exciting as it is to relocate to an amazing new city or home, it can be even MORE stressful than fun. Moving to a new state, new city or even across the Tampa bay can seem like an overwhelming job and truth be told- it is. 

You might not realize that hiring a relocation company is just as crucial as hiring a moving company. While your movers are essential to getting your belongings where they need to go, they usually do little more than simply packing and delivering.

Who will prepare your household and organize the items that need to be packed? Who will coordinate the utilities to be shut off and reinstalled? 

Who will provide oversight that your fragile items are properly packed and arrive at their destination safely? 

Your relocation service will cover all the aspects of your move, scheduling movers, coordinating utilities, unpacking and even filling your fridge before you arrive so your move-in day will be a perfectly smooth transition. It’s not only an important service to have, it is an essential service to provide the support you through the moving process.

Let’s share a short story;
A family is moving into their new home, they recently purchased a brand new beautiful leather sofa prior to their move. The moving company is transporting their $4,000 leather couch when the unthinkable happens, it slips and falls damaging the leather of the couch. The home owners are very upset. Luckily the moving company has been vetted and background checked by their relocation specialist and the moving company is fully licensed and insured. The couch will be fully replaced, no cost to the homeowner and all is well.

What would have happened if the moving company had NOT been insured?
What if the family didn’t have a relocation concierge to ensure the family only worked with trusted providers?

This is another great reason to work with Carver Concierge for your relocation needs, our list of trusted preferred providers
include top-notch service providers that have been vetted to ensure only the best work with our clients. Relocation specialists know the questions to ask your providers and WHY they are important.

In addition to day-of move services, our expert team offers further support such as-

charitable pickups/donations
pre-move organization prep
assisting with organizing your home sale (our provider list includes real estate agents & services)
research for new schools, gym, doctor’s offices etc.
as well as furniture assembly
essential items delivery
breakdown and removal of boxes/unpacking and more.

Relocation specialists are just that, specialists- they have years of experience with countless moves under their belt; Carver Concierge expertise spans a multitude of different types of moves including downsizing, relocating across the country and more. Statistics show that the average American will move once every 5 years; from downsizing to relocating across state lines Carver Concierge’s expert relocation team is the simple solution to your next move.

Here are some of our favorite tips that we’ve used for our own clients to ease the stress of moving…

  1. Declutter

A critical packing tip to lighten your load is decluttering BEFORE you start packing, determine what needs to come with you to your new home and what needs to be tossed, donated or sold. Your concierge offers assistance by pre-sorting, organizing and arranging for pick up and donation of items you no longer need.

  • Labels are your friend

To stay organized, assign each room its own color code and then label the boxes accordingly. Your bedroom might get blue labels, your kitchen-red, this will help with unpacking these items once you’ve arrived at your new home. In addition, creating a clear labeling system will ensure that your concierge can properly unpack and distribute the items where you want them which saves you extra time and makes the process even easier.

  • Game Plan for Game Day

This is a step that your concierge can handle- but if you go it alone, creating a clear game plan for move in day is absolutely critical to the ease of the move. Are your movers scheduled for the right time? Have you arranged utilities to be on? Is there someone there to direct the movers to where items should go? Are you sure your jewelry or delicate items are packed correctly?

Sounds like a lot to plan out…….?  It’s time to call Carver Concierge. (813) 546-4070