Don’t Pack EVERYTHING for Your College Student’s Dorm

We are mere days from the start of the fall semester in most colleges and along with that comes the mad dash for parents and students to finish packing everything for college. Parents, please, don’t pack everything! There are lots of things your college student can leave at home.

College dorms are a lot smaller than you probably realize. In fact, most dorm rooms range in size from 110 sq feet to 230 sq feet. That’s not much room! Just a few things you can skip packing include tee shirts (unless there his/her favorite), kitchen supplies such as utensils and cookware and any furniture. Don’t pack tee shirts. They just take up valuable space and your student will have access to plenty of cheap/ free tee shirts almost as soon as they arrive. There is also not much sense in sending them with kitchenware or furniture because the shipping fees simply won’t be worth it.

With stores like Ikea and Dollar General in close proximity to the schools it’d be cheaper to buy those things once they arrive if and when they need them. Besides, their roommate might already have a lot of the things you were considering buying and it would be silly to have duplicates of anything with such limited storage.

Other things not to bring –

– Off season clothing because you can change out your wardrobe every time you visit home

– Fancy clothes, valuables, a bunch of appliances and large comforters should also stay at home. Again, SMALL living quarters.

– Hanging shower organizers because you can’t leave them in the shower anyway. Opt for shower totes that you carry your supplies to and from the shower in easily.

– A TV because let’s be honest parents, you know they are just going to watch Netflix from their laptops anyway.

– An iron because you know as well as I do that picturing your college student ironing is most likely just wishful thinking anyway.

– Books should be left at home too. Get a free reading app and download books to it instead. If they really need a physical copy they can just borrow it from the school library.

– Avoid bringing bed risers and lift the bed atop a storage organizer instead. The bed risers don’t fit most dorm beds anyway and the storage organizer will be a welcome reprieve to the super small closet they will face if they get one at all.

– Finally swap those bulky suitcases for duffle bags that can be emptied and shoved into a corner. Suitcases will just get in the way!

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