Would you love to have healthy, fresh and delicious food on your table daily?

The benefits of locally sourced, farm-to-table meals may surprise even the savviest of foodies. While the “eat local” movement has received the attention of the mainstream in recent time, it’s truly a return to our roots. Putting delicious and seasonal meals on your table doesn’t have to be complicated, tastebuds rejoice!

The impact of farm fresh eating can be felt in a big way, eating locally means seasonally ripe foods that are nutrient packed at their prime. You’ll taste the difference in the freshness and it also means you will always have changing options with the season for your menu so no more boring dinnertime rut. Our bodies are meant to process local food, nutrients of ripe seasonal food for your area provide the vitamins your body is craving and studies have shown that eating honey from pollinators in your area can ease allergies and boost your immunities. Fruits or vegetables that are not in season in your area are often shipped thousands of miles, treated with harsh chemicals and even artificially “ripened” with ethylene gases or calcium carbide.

Eating beautiful, fresh and locally sourced food every day is now easier than ever.
Family owned and operated; Chef Ami offers Tampa’s only local meal kit service, delivered to your home or office you’ll receive easy to cook recipes based on seasonal area selections that are hand-picked. You never have to worry about planning out meals or stressing about shopping. Your farm-to-table selections will arrive shipped free in refrigerated packaging, all you have to do is cook and enjoy! Unlike the national brands which expect you to throw away all the packaging, insulation, and ice packs they pick all these items up every week & use them again to continue their efforts to be environmentally friendly. For a limited time, you can get your first order from Chef Ami 50% off with our coupon code CARVER at check out.

If you are interested in visiting your local farmer’s markets or co-ops, there are lots of amazing options no matter what area of Tampa Bay you are in. Cypress Creek Co-Op does weekly harvest bins filled with seasonal goodies, you can sign up on their Facebook page to order yours and pick up at one of their many locations. Wolfe’s Produce Market is family owned & operated, located in Riverview Florida it offers an incredible selection of produce while seasonally they have the area’s largest pumpkin patch, hayrides, and apple cider just in time for autumn!

Ready to try local? Many of the co-ops offer produce pick up times during weekdays which can conflict with your work schedule….we can shop and deliver your groceries right to home. Being good for you and good for the community never tasted so delicious! We will be adding additional links and information to farmers markets, farms and community co-ops. Start tasting the difference, contact us today!