Experience Florida’s Local Adventure

Time away is absolutely essential to reset and relax both mind and body.

If you have a weekend then we have an adventure for you.  Picture yourself snorkeling in crystal clear waters of a gorgeous indoor cave, kayaking on the open sea with the magic of bioluminescence all around you or an adventurous luxury bike tour to all of your favorite historic places….you don’t have to travel too far to have the adventure of a lifetime. It’s time to escape the ordinary. Let’s experience Florida’s local adventure.

Studies have shown that 74% of people would rather spend money on experiences than things.

Experiences transcend the moment they are happening in and the positive benefits of taking an adventure are science-backed. Spending time outdoors in your environment have shown significant health benefits, both mental and physical. Improved memory, reduction in anxiety, lowered blood pressure and less inflammation.

The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.” – Christopher McCandless

Let’s take an adventure to some of Florida’s immersive and rejuvenating destinations off the beaten path.

 Fancy Camps luxury camping provides multiple locations with gorgeous and relaxing beach views for Florida’s cozy campers. Perfect for a family getaway or girlfriend’s weekend retreat. These beautiful bungalows are also mobile if your adventure takes you out of Florida… the luxury can go anywhere you do. They also offer group camping and currently feature fall season rates.

Westgate River Ranch & Resort offers a rustic glamour feel. With a wide variety of activities that include horseback riding and archery, this luxury ranch offers everything you want in relaxation. Stay the night in a cabin, gorgeous fully air conditioned tents or even a teepee. You’ll be roasting marshmallows in style with your own personal campfire lit by staff nightly. Did I mention the morning coffee delivery?

Enjoy spending time on the water? A day-away Kayak feature Florida sunset birding tours, manatee encounter tours, and their most popular, the bioluminescence night tours. Clear bottom kayaks allow you a summersive view as you glide over these incredible awe-inspiring glow plankton. It’s an out-of-this world experience.

Tampa by-bike lets you tour Tampa on two wheels, the city showcase tour you’ll explore Tampa’s riverwalk downtown, Old Hyde Park and beautiful Bayshore. All of your favorite and historical Tampa locations. Feeling thirsty instead? They also offer a Brew Loop tour that features tastings at 3 fantastic local breweries.

Connecting with the local luxury adventures is easier than ever, weekend getaways or destination vacations- Our experienced team can take the stress out of planning your next endeavor. We will handle the planning, you enjoy making the memories.

Are you ready to experience Florida’s local adventures? Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more places to explore. Let us book your adventure today! Contact us (813) 546-4070