How Carver Concierge Can Transform Your Life in 5 Hours a Week

Perhaps you’ve used a concierge service before and are considering using one again in Tampa, Sarasota, or Nashville. Or maybe, you’ve never known precisely how concierge services work – what they do, and more specifically, what they can do for you. All you know is the laundry list of daily tasks is growing, your work demands are increasing, and you’d give anything for some relief. 

In either case, we hope to show you how Carver Concierge is helping busy people just like you!

All of us who live a busy lifestyle dream of a day where we’re not busy. But, honestly, busy people do not know how to be unbusy people. It’s what we do. We’re leaders, community movers, and business owners. We can all, however, learn one masterful skill- delegation. 

Delegation is the key to the harmony we seek between work, home, and other life obligations. When we recognize what we must do versus what someone else can do, we begin to find breathing space. 

How do Carver Concierge’s services work?

Our clients work with us on retainers – they have a minimum of five dedicated hours of our time a week to offload tasks to us. We’ve been serving clientele for almost ten years, and our teams have decades of collective administrative, organization, and project management experience. As a result, we’re trusted and efficient, and our services are always confidential. 

What types of services do you provide for your concierge clients?

We like to remind people that if tasks don’t bring them joy or make you money, those are the items to delegate. Life is short, and we take great joy in giving people back time for what brings contentment to their lives – a golf game. a date night, time to read by the pool. If it matters to you, it matters to us. 

We have a vast and vetted network of partner provider businesses to research, book, and coordinate many home services; book and manage travel services; and organize all the seemingly endless day-to-day tasks (you know that never-ending list?). 

What can Carver Concierge do for me each week?

Clients give us many types of in-person and virtual tasks. Here is one way you could delegate five hours a week. Your personal concierge could

  • Write your thank-you notes. 
  • Set your monthly calendar.
  • Pick up all your Amazon returns. 
  • Find Mother’s Day reservations at a great restaurant. 

Here’s another example of how five hours a week could free you! One of Carver’s team members could:

  • Schedule your fur members’ groomings and boarding for your upcoming travel.
  • Schedule your medical and personal appointments.
  • Provide coordination and wait-service for a home service.

Think of your cost versus time. 

We’re all creatures of habit. We do things, often for no reason except we’ve always done them. As life and work pile on more to-dos, your available hours don’t grow, but your resources can! 

If we take on five or ten hours a week, could you improve your health? Could you engage in a hobby and find joy and relaxation? Might you be able to take on one more client? What we do for each client is personal in value. 

Take back what’s yours. 

Carver Concierge serves clients in Tampa, Sarasota, and Nashville, and we’re ready to help you reclaim your time, energy, and resources. So give us a call or contact us today to learn how we can serve you.