How to Make More Time for What You Love

Clients enjoying their free time

Create Space for What Brings You Joy

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching- a day where we celebrate with sweets, flowers, and dinners out as a show of love for others. It’s also a good time, however, to check in on how well you are loving yourself. Are you making time for your hobbies and interests?

When you take the time to engage what you love, something magical happens. You’re happier. Your steps feel a little lighter. Work productivity goes up. By nourishing your joy, you will have more heart space to love and do more for others..

Like many busy people, you may find work and social commitments seep into all your time spaces. “Free time” may only be found when you take a vacation, and we didn’t get many of those last year. 

Whether you spend your days as a busy CEO, entrepreneur, or even retiree who hasn’t yet found the retired bliss you once imagined, the mental and physical benefits of engaging what you love are great. Your energy, health, creativity, and general productivity are sure to rise in response to making space for that which brings you joy.

You might be accustomed to working until you sleep and then getting up and repeating the work and crash cycle. A few easy steps, however, will get you out of this cycle and into a rhythm which allows time for what YOU want to do.

Start with a Plan

Don’t hope for an hour to write, read, take a walk, or catch up with a friend. Plan on it. You are probably very skilled at scheduling all your commitments. Schedule time for what you love as a commitment to yourself. When you arrange your weekly schedule, block the time to step into your happy place.

Move Items Off Your Plate

Take a look at the last few weeks of your schedule. Were there any tasks you could have delegated to a co-worker or to a concierge service to handle? Leaders are used to handling it all, but when you realize you don’t have to handle it all, you’ll find time you didn’t realize you had. 

Keep It Consistent

By consistently making a plan, you’ll cultivate the most important relationship in your life- the one with yourself. Like exercise or good work habits, the more you do something, even if it’s intentionally scheduled at first, the more natural that activity will become.

Recognize that Growing Your Hobbies Will Positively Impact Other Areas of Life

You may like to cook, paint, explore nature, read, write, or craft. Hobbies allow the ability to stimulate your minds while releasing stress. Hobbies grow our creative and logical problem solving and open the doors for exploration and learning. Permitting yourself to fall into your joy can only positively impact how you problem solve, brainstorm, and think creatively in your work..

If you are ready to create the space to explore what you love this year, contact Carver Concierge.