Carver Concierge Brings Luxury Lifestyle Management to Nashville

Writer Geneva Maresma, Nicole Carver, Founder & CEO of Carver Concierge, and Kimberly Kindle, Carver Concierge’s Executive Concierge in Nashville, recently met up to talk about their recent Nashville launch and why Music City is a hot spot to live and work.

Geneva: Carver Concierge expanded services in 2021 to serve Nashville. After many years in the Tampa Bay area, how did Carver connect to Nashville as its second home?

Kimberly: Well, I lived in Tampa before moving here, and Nicole and I had become friends years ago through networking. My husband and I decided to relocate to Nashville a little over six years ago, and we fell in love with the area. I’d been working for Rise Up Country remotely as their Digital Content Director, so what better place to be than Music City for my radio work? Nicole and I had some conversations about the uniqueness of the city and its exciting business growth. Our talks and visits shaped how to establish here what Carver has already done so well in Tampa.

Geneva: You never know where an old connection will help move new ideas! 

Nicole: There’s always been a special connection between Florida and Tennessee. We see many people in both our state homes who spend time vacationing or working in the other. I, myself, love coming to Nashville. It’s a bustling city with a small-town feel. There is so much to see and do here year-round between outdoor recreation, music and the arts, and pro and college sports. It’s not only a fun and friendly city but also one teeming with booming business growth, and we’re excited to serve our growing clientele here. 

Geneva: So, as we embark on 2022 after a couple of years of ups and downs, what’s important to your Nashville clients right now?

Kimberly: It’s interesting, but I think as more people are working from home, they appreciate the support of our personal services to help them stay focused on their work— creating a needed separation between home and work. And then, we meet people like busy moms and community members who we serve by keeping their day-to-day life events in order. We make our clients’ appointments, manage their calendars, oversee home projects, do their personal shopping, and run errands. We’re in the business of giving people the freedom to enjoy their time fully with who and what matters most to them. 

Nicole: We’re loving working with the creative professionals of Nashville. One of our clients recently had to drive cross-country from Tennessee to California, and Kimberly arranged every detail of her road trip from overnight stays to places to visit and where to eat. 

Kimberly: I love working in the details. It gave me joy to turn her road trip into an enjoyable experience. I know I can speak for the whole Carver Concierge team when I say that we don’t just do client jobs; we seek to make a difference. People have had enough stress the last two years, and we’re here to bring ease to their lives. What we do for each client is so personalized, and with our incredible and vast network of preferred partner providers globally, there’s not a whole lot we can’t do. 

Geneva: I can tell talking with you both that there is a lot of dedication to what you do for your clients in Nashville. I should be traveling there myself early next year. So I’ll definitely be connecting with you, Kimberly, to know all the hot spots, especially where I need to eat!

Kimberly: Oh, yes! We’re a dining destination for sure! I have lots of personal favorites I’m happy to recommend. I might even join you.
Geneva: I’d take you up on that! Thanks, ladies, for sharing about Carver Concierge Nashville! I’m excited to see how Carver serves Nashville in 2022!