Carver Concierge in Sarasota: Helping Clients Trade Stress for Life Ease

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Southwest Florida-based business writer, Geneva Maresma, sat with Nicole Carver, CEO of Carver Concierge to learn more about how Carver Concierge, with its home office in Tampa, is serving clients in their newest expansion city, Sarasota.

Geneva: Thanks for taking the time to sit with me and share more about the exciting expansion of Carver Concierge to Sarasota. Tell me, Nicole, about what led you to bring lifestyle management services to this area?

Nicole: Carver Concierge has provided luxury lifestyle management to Tampa professionals since 2012, and Sarasota has been an area I knew I wanted to serve for the last few years. Timing is everything. Executives are busier than ever moving forward in a post-pandemic market, and as many people are relocating to Florida and Sarasota particularly, we knew last fall, that it was the right time to bring Carver’s services to the Sarasota area. It’s a beautiful city to live, work, or have a second home. With so much behind us, we’re ready to make this year the year we help more busy people get back to living.

Geneva: Sarasota has seen tremendous recent growth. I just read a report from US News and World Report that ranked Sarasota as one of the top ten places to live and number 2 for growth in the US, so I’d anticipate many more individuals are looking for the kinds of services Carver Concierge provides.

Nicole: Yes, we’ve seen many inquiries coming from people searching online for relocation assistance and lifestyle management. We love helping people move to the area, get established in their new communities, and feel at home. We’re doing a lot more than just coordinating moves and home services. We’re taking care of all the little things that make a new city feel like a community, like researching schools, coordinating estate management services with our vetted partner providers, and even overseeing large projects like home renovations and landscaping. In Sarasota, we offer an extension of the same relocation and lifestyle management services Carver has always delivered in Tampa. 

Geneva: Moving is so stressful, so I’m sure those high-touch services bring a lot of peace during a time that can be a difficult transition. 

Nicole: My family moved last fall- just locally, but it’s still stressful, and I empathize with our clients. Even when the move is to a beautiful beach city like Sarasota, leaving one home and all the comforts around what’s familiar is still hard.  Also, as a military wife, I can understand what families go through when they make a big move. It can feel overwhelming. We want to relieve the stress off of our clients to help them focus on priorities like a real estate transaction or settling into a new executive role. We also want our clients to build great first memories when they arrive in Sarasota. They should have the time freedom to explore the beautiful restaurants, great shopping, and famous beaches of the area sooner rather than later.

Geneva: Time and freedom are priceless to gain. What philosophy drives your services? 

Nicole: We have a motto: “Do what makes you money or brings you joy. We’ll take care of the rest.” We really mean that. Our services don’t stop at relocation. We also have a broad array of personal concierge services to offer those settled in Sarasota. So whether you want tickets to a coveted show and restaurant, a favorite wine to be restocked, or a chef-cooked meal, if you can think of it, we can do it!  
Geneva: Carver has provided excellent personal concierge and lifestyle management for Tampa clients, so I know Sarasota and surrounding areas like Lakewood Ranch will also find your services invaluable and your staff warm and personable. Congratulations on your expansion to Sarasota!