Focusing on What You Do Well | Nicole Carver on the GenTech Podcast

The Gen Tech Podcast offers tips and tricks to people running online businesses to implement and skyrocket their growth through valuable and inspirational discussions with top business owners. 

Nicole Carver, Carver Concierge Founder, and CEO, was invited to talk with Gen Tech about how people can focus on their areas of strength. Whether through hiring a personal assistant or outsourcing virtual tasks, Nicole discusses how leaders can hire and delegate tasks before they think they’re ready. She shares her start-up story, her “why,” and how leaders can focus on what they do best and let go of tasks that others can effectively manage. With the time they free up, they excel in the outcomes of their work and have time to recharge through meaningful time spent with loved ones or in leisure activities. 

Listen in to learn how to bring your life back into happiness and harmony.