How to Delegate and Organize Like a Rockstar | Nicole Carver on Someone Gets Me Podcast

Have you bought a filing system you were sure would organize your papers, only to find that your papers are still piled up on your desk?

Do your busy days leave you little time to organize your physical space?

Would you like to spend more time managing your business and making money and less time and energy on all your “stuff”? 

On this episode of Someone Gets Me, a podcast that speaks to gifted and talented visionaries, Carver Concierge Founder and CEO, Nicole Carver, breaks down delegation and organization. She reveals the things people carry that keep them stuck in their clutter. She also speaks to the power of using visualization – creating a clear picture of how one would like their life to look – to strategize effective systems and delegate tasks to align their life with that vision.

If organization has been a challenge, you’re not alone, and the tips here will help you get beyond stuck to finding tremendous success in life and business.