Putting yourself on your list this year…

The holidays are here again!

A time for joyful festivities and family gatherings, secret Santa’s & gift giving, cookie decorating for your kids school the same week your in-laws are coming to stay …oh and not to mention all your regular daily obligations of work, laundry, grocery shopping and much more; with so much to get done it’s easy to forget to put yourself on the list.

The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest, extra commitments may be fun-filled but managing it all can lead to major stress and feeling overwhelmed spreading all that holiday cheer.

What does self-care during the holiday season look like?

Carver Concierge has some helpful tips to share with you that can help you navigate Christmas crunch-time.

Staying healthy will make you feel holly jolly

Tis the season of treats! All the holiday dishes are awfully tempting and while there isn’t anything wrong with indulging in Grandma’s famous snickerdoodles, moderation is the key to feeling your best. Too many sugary sweets can end up making you feel sluggish. If you have an active lifestyle routine, now is the time to stick to it. Regular exercise is incredibly beneficial to not just your body, but your emotional wellbeing. Our favorite healthy meal delivery team, Chef Ami is perfect for the holidays. Fresh healthy meal kits delivered right to you, it doesn’t get easier than that.  Finding the time for exercise when your calendar is booked can be hard, but try squeezing in a walk after lunch at work or check out the Christmas lights while taking a walk on Tampa’s Riverwalk….. you’ll boost your mood while maintaining your waistline this year.

Enjoy the moment

Find your peace in the present. With so much going on we can get pulled in one hundred different directions at once, keeping mindfulness during such a hectic time of year can help you decrease your stress and actually enjoy making memories. If you’re a podcast fan, check out Meditation for Women by Katie Krimitsos- she helps guide you to focus, find peace and has episodes that pinpoint specific needs such as battling burnout, gratefulness, and overall stress relief.

Whether you are at a company party or your child’s Christmas recital, take a moment to really pause and commit that time to memory- take a deep breath and take it all in. The conversation, the music, the beauty of the twinkling tree or present company.  Putting down your phone or devices to live in the moment can further assist your ability to focus on being present. You’ll feel more satisfied with your experiences and your loved ones will thank you for the undistracted attention.

Gift of gratitude

Holidays often come with expectations. Letting expectations of a “perfect” holiday go can help give you an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful feels good, but did you know that it’s backed by science?

UCLA’s mindfulness awareness study shows that feeling thankful actually affects your central nervous system and boosts grey matter. Even your immune system benefits from it, giving you more energy and being more resistant to those dreaded winter cold’s. Making a list of all the things you are grateful for can focus your positive energy on the magic of the season. Now is the perfect time to give back too. While you are feeling grateful for what you have, don’t forget to help others and give back what you can. It can be as simple as donating goods to Toys for Tots, donations to Seeds of Hope or volunteering one morning at a local charitable foundation or soup kitchen.

You don’t have to settle for just “surviving” the holidays, the biggest gift you can give yourself AND your loved ones is a happy, healthy (holly jolly) you! A few simple self-care steps can help you ditch the bah-humbugs. Now is a great time to book a massage or couples massage to enjoy some quality time with your loved one. Enjoy a pedicure while you catch up with your girlfriends. Try a restorative yoga class.

Did you know that part of what we provide for our clients is a vetted list of trusted professionals for all of what we mentioned above? We take care of our clients not only by scheduling services you need but providing our incredible list of reliable, trustworthy vendors.

You are important to us!

So what can we do to help you enjoy some self-care this holiday season?