Reclaim Your Weekend (and Why)

Did you spend your entire weekend getting caught up with work or other tasks you couldn’t complete during the week?

Weekends seem to be disappearing for too many of us. As more and more people are treating Saturdays and Sundays just like any other weekday, the toll on your physical, mental and emotional health is immeasurable.
The continuous lack of real time off is having a profound effect on society as a whole. Business owners, burnt out from 7 day weeks. Families lacking real bonding time. Anxiety, depression and stress are on the rise among workers as they struggle to balance work and family. With remote work at an all time high, the line between workday and weekend have become even more blurred.

It’s time to make a change. Enjoying your weekend is not a luxury, it is a necessity in life. We all need time to recharge, refocus and relax. This small change to prioritize reclaiming your weekend will have a huge positive impact on your life. You’ll find yourself refreshed come Monday, ready to tackle the week- more productive and happier overall. You work so hard to build a life that you’re proud of, you deserve to enjoy it!

So how can you take back your weekend time?

Let us share a few tips that will get you started.

1.Plan Something Fun

Remember when you looked forward to the weekend all week? Maybe you had plans with friends, like an adventurous hike or trying the new restaurant in town? Challenge yourself by planning something new and exciting for your weekend. Looking forward to your weekend plans can help you feel excited about putting work away and clocking out on Friday.

2. Schedule Some R&R

Not every weekend has to be packed with adventure, sometimes a rejuvenating day of rest is in order. Whether it’s a yoga class, spa day or a quiet evening with a book to unwind, doing something YOU find fun and relaxing is key. We also suggest taking a break from your smartphone. The mental “peace and quiet” can also help you reset and refresh.

3. Delegate What You Can

If you find yourself overwhelmed with chores, errands and work overflowing from your plate every weekend, it’s time to delegate.

We can’t be in all places at once, but we can delegate tasks and that is almost like having a second you. From business to personal errands, your personal concierge can take the burden off your shoulders by giving you back your time.

Looking forward to spending all Saturday at Costco?
Let your concierge handle grocery shopping- on average you’ve now saved over 2 hours per grocery trip. Your concierge can help you streamline your business project so you’re not forced to work on it during the weekend.
Doesn’t it sound fun to be spending all Sunday sorting, organizing and donating the items that are cluttering up your spare room closet? Let your concierge handle that, you’ve now saved yourself an average of 6 hours. Your personal concierge will seamlessly complete your to-do list with the precision and efficiency that you would yourself.

Have you ever heard the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup?

With weekends rapidly evaporating and no time to recharge or invest in yourself, you’re headed for burn out. Humans weren’t designed to only work, pay bills and do chores. We were meant to enjoy all that life has to offer, and that doesn’t mean continuously working 7 days a week.

Let Carver Concierge help you reclaim your weekends because after all, your weekends belong to YOU.