School’s Out For Summer

School’s out for summer and while those words may be music to the ears of our children, they can send most busy parents spinning into overdrive with end of year programs, award ceremonies, graduations and oh don’t forget teacher gifts……..screech, you didn’t forget did you?

With one weekend and less than a week to go for some of us. We’ve put together an easy list of items that will truly make your teacher feel appreciated for all the love, time and effort they gave your little darling over the past 180 days. Skip the school supplies and items emblazoned with apples, teachers are ready to shake off the school days to relax and enjoy.

-Create a memorable gift with a nice beach towel tied around a Tervis tumbler and a magazine. Beach bound or pool side- it’s a winner.

-Combine your favorite take out menu with a gift certificate and circle your family favorites.  No cooking, who doesn’t love that idea.

-Gift Certificates to the movies, a car wash, your own favorite coffee shop or for a manicure or pedicure are all sure to be crowd pleasers.

-Get out a pen & paper and write a letter directly to your child’s teacher or school principal recognizing your favorite teacher.

-Have your child write on it as well sharing their favorite part of the year or something special they learned. Hearing from both their student and parent will be something the teacher will cherish for years to come.

By writing directly to the principal you’re positively impacting the teacher’s career. This letter may even be compiled with the teacher’s employment file. It reflects to his/her boss that this teacher is going above and beyond. The letter doesn’t need to be lengthy but try to include specific details about why your child’s teacher made such an impact i.e. spending extra time with you student when she struggled with math or the teacher made your child feel connected by being warm and patient or engaged learning with fun classroom activities.

Many of us could list off the names of our childhood teachers or bring up a fond memory of a lesson they taught us well into our adult years. They impact us and play a pivotal role in our education and personal development well beyond elementary school. There are many different ways you can show your child’s teacher how much they mean to you & your child, don’t forget to #ThankATeacher before the school year is out.