Season of Gratitude

This year, we’ve had a lot of time to reflect on what is most important in our lives. We’ve adjusted our daily activities and routines to fit into the “new normal” and in the process of working remote, schooling virtually and socially distancing- we’ve discovered how important human connection is, family and travel. 

The holidays this year won’t be about gifts, during the pandemic we’ve Amazon Primed just about everything you could want… but how about this holiday being focused on time together to be present. Take a step back from the commercial pieces of Christmas and the Holiday season.

Our focus all year long at Carver Concierge, is to help people think differently about time, but this year more than ever it’s so important to re-evaulate your hectic holiday routine. 

We are posing this question to our readers, if you had to choose 3 things that really mattered on Christmas morning, what would they be?

Is it your location?

Who you’re with?

Enjoying that special family recipe with loved ones?

With Black Friday retailers taking a step back from the normal chaos, more families are planning things like camping trips or renting a mountain cabin to celebrate Thanksgiving and spending the day after (traditionally spent shopping) with each other, taking a hiking adventure or enjoying a national park. If you’re planning to travel this year, let us handle the logistics- tickets, scheduling, get you packed, arrive safely and we even keep an eye on your home with our Absentee Home Check in services. Let us help you make the memories your family will cherish for years to come.

As we’ve done our part to socially distance this year, reaching out to loved ones is more important than ever. Maybe your Mom won’t be able to come stay with your family for Christmas this year, your son and his family can’t risk traveling with his infant or you haven’t been able to visit your Grandma as frequently this year to avoid putting her at risk.

Get your Christmas cards or letters out early this year, don’t let them fall off your list like they usually do. Did you run out of time to take Christmas family photos last year? Make it happen this year, with outdoor photo venues you can safely and easily get the great photos you’ve been wanting to get all year long. Friends and family members will be delighted to get photos (wow how the kids have grown!), cards and letters,and you’ll feel great about re-establishing that connection and bringing Christmas cheer into their holiday season.

Right now is also a great time to reach out to small businesses to do some holiday shopping. Boutiques, florists, dessert shops and more… Carver Concierge has a fantastic curated list of small businesses for just about any need- exclusive to our clients, when shopping local businesses you’re giving a unique and special gift to the receiver but also to the business itself by helping to support them. Gifting for family, employees and teachers has never been easier with our Holiday Helper Elf Services.

Our team at Carver Concierge is here to help our clients think differently about the holidays, let us help you close out 2022 in a positive way, by creating the perfect ending to what hasn’t been the perfect year.

Find out more about our Holiday Helper Elf services and all of our time saving Concierge services to help you enjoy the life that you worked so hard to build.