Spring Sprucing and Home Maintenance: 7 Home Projects That Need TLC

You may be one of the millions of homeowners who vow to use spring to declutter and organize their living and storage spaces. As, somehow, when our homes are in order, that organization translates to inward calm and order. 

At Carver Concierge, we work with many clients on home maintenance and management. Using a detailed list, we look at both facades of a home – outdoor and indoor. 

The outdoor spaces call us once again during the refreshing and comfortable spring temperatures. So, you may want to get your patio, porch, barbecue area, and pool deck in top shape for lazy family weekends or get-togethers with friends. 

Indoor home maintenance projects are not-so-glamorous but necessary to keep your Tampa, Sarasota, or Nashville home in top living order. The vacationing summer months are not too far away, so getting your home ready for ongoing maintenance now, will give you more relief that you won’t have a home emergency while you spend time wherever your travels take you. Coming home to a broken AC system or plumbing issue is not how you want to re-enter life after vacation. 

Here are seven home project recommendations for outdoors and indoors that will undoubtedly make the warmer months much more enjoyable and take care of one of your most valuable assets- your home. 

Outdoor Home Maintenance Projects

  1. The landscaping around your home and your irrigation

The chilly months have passed, and the sun is not yet scorching, so now is the right time to take care of small or large landscaping projects. Whether fresh flower beds, new sod, or the addition of an outdoor feature, spring is an excellent time to up your curb appeal. 

  1. Your pool deck 

After the winter months and fewer days on the deck, you may not have noticed loose pavers or other porch and patio maintenance needs, such as holes in pool cage screens and debris in and around the pool. Take care of these items now, so when the temperatures get right, your pool and lounge area will be ready to welcome you in. 

  1. The garage

So, it’s technically under-roof space, but it’s not a living space, so we’ll talk about this topic here. Over the holidays and winter, items tend to pile up in garage spaces. Perhaps you have donation bins that haven’t made it to their destination or winter use items that need to be placed in your long-term storage space to free space. Whatever the need, your garage will be comfortable to work in during the spring, and decluttering this area will help you recover space for cars, bikes, tools, and the other items you need to store.

Indoor Home Maintenance Projects 

  1. HVAC system maintenance

The best time to handle a problem is before it happens. An AC tech can ensure your drain lines are clear and check your motor, coil, and compressor. The summer months are hard on AC systems, so spring is the season to ensure it’s running optimally. 

  1. Dryer vent cleaning

You may have washed and dried many sweaters, jackets, and blankets over the colder months, and lint builds up in the vents. Having the dryer vents professionally cleaned will decrease the overall wear and tear on your dryer, as it will work more efficiently. You’ll also prevent dryer overheating that can spark a laundry room fire. 

  1. All your home filters

We tend to think only of our HVAC filters, but water filters, range hoods, coffee machine filters, and window screens that filter debris from your home all could use a good inspection, cleaning, or changing. 

  1. Rugs, upholstery, and window treatment cleaning

The fabrics of your home attract dirt, pet hair and dander, and other allergens. Professional cleaning of your rugs, upholstery, and drapes will make for a healthier home and extend the life of these items. 

When time is not on your side to tackle all these important spring sprucing and home maintenance tasks, Carver Concierge is here to help. We can handle everything from scheduling services to waiting at your home for service appointments. We’ll even ensure the best home providers are on your jobs, as we have an extensive, vetted network of professionals that work alongside our concierge team to take care of your home so that you can enjoy all the spaces, inside and outside, this spring.