Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation: How a Concierge Can Help You Make the Most of Your Experience

A year after our vacation plans came to a halt amid the pandemic, the travel industry is seeing an uptick in flight and travel bookings. People are more than ready to escape life to sit on sunny shores or have coffee in view of a rolling hillside. With summer soon approaching, you may have a dream vacation in mind, and we can help make it one you’ll remember for years to come.

 Planning for a vacation should be fun and exciting, but more often than not, it’s a source of stress. Entering a time of relaxation should be just that- relaxing. From lining up transportation to who is going to take care of your pets to all the activities you’d like to put on your itinerary, at Carver Concierge, we feel vacation should start from the time you feel excited about the prospect of a destination. As soon as you know vacation days are on the horizon, we can get to work on making each part of your vacation planning seamless. 

Before Your Vacation

 During and post-vacation stress can be alleviated with good pre-planning. Carver Concierge has helped many of our clients get all the details in order before a vacation. In fact, we love details, and we can help you:

 ●    Research any COVID-19 testing entry requirements, ensure passports are current, and coordinate all associated appointments to remove any roadblocks between you and your getaway.

●    Make rental car or flight reservations. However, you like to travel to get where you’re going, we can do all the research, find your best options, and take care of the booking.

●    Get your personal errands done for you, so the days before your travel can be spent tying up work or relaxing.

●    Make a packing list. Our team will make sure you have everything you need before you fly, drive, or set sail, so you’ll never have to worry you forgot your sunblock, toothbrushes, or passports.

During Your Trip

 While you’re away, you shouldn’t have a care in your mind except what cocktail you’d like to order next. Carver Concierge can:

 ●    Coordinate access and be a point of contact for housekeepers and pet sitters.

●    Manage any itinerary changes which may pop up last minute from unexpected closures or rescheduled tours.

●    Arrange airport to hotel transfers, so you can relax as soon as you reach your destination.

 After Your Vacation

  A recent study discovered that over 60% of employees feel little to no stress relief when they return to the office. We want you to return from vacation recharged and renewed to get back to work and life. While you are hiking a beautiful mountainside or boating, we can be:

●    Arranging your pickup transport.

●    Handling any calls or appointments on your behalf.

●    Making sure your home is haven once you return with whatever you need- a fully stocked refrigerator, a sparkling clean home, dry cleaning picked up, and even your favorite wine waiting for your return.

●    Helping you with any important errands in your absence.

Thoughtful end to end vacation planning from Carver Concierge will give you the experience you and your family deserve and need this summer. We stand behind our commitment to manage the to-do list, so you can simply show up and enjoy the adventure that awaits.

We look forward to giving you the freedom to spend doing what you love with whom you love. Contact us today at (813)546-4070 or email us at [email protected] to begin your stress-free summer vacation planning.