What Can a Lifestyle Management Company Do for You?

Our number one goal here at Carver Concierge is to make life easier for you. When you work with our lifestyle management company, we give you back those precious hours of your day so that you can relax and get back to enjoying your life.

We thought it would be fun to share with you some examples of the various tasks we have done for our past and current clients. We’ll also share things you might not have realized that we can do for you as well. As you read through them, we challenge you to consider what is on your to-do list that you haven’t done because you don’t have the energy, time, or motivation to do. We’re betting that you’ll be inspired to call us to tackle those things for you, so it’s off your list, and more importantly, off your mind.

We moved a large canoe

Now, when you think of a canoe, a small boat that fits on top of your SUV might come to mind. This was not one of those, however. This one was two hundred pounds, 20 feet long, and a custom hand-carved piece. It is an absolutely stunning piece of art, but not exactly something you can just throw on a moving truck. So when our clients knew they were going to be moving, they called us. 

This beautiful artifact is deeply meaningful to them. Getting it down from its hanging space in their living room and out through the small opening in the side of the house would require great care and thoughtfulness, not to mention a lot of strength. With the help of an incredible moving company from our premiere providers list and their amazing crew, they made this difficult task smooth and easy. 

Picture lots of professionals coming together to transport a work of art without cracking or scratching it, and not hitting or breaking anything else along the way. You can probably imagine that letting someone else do the heavy lifting on this job certainly helped our clients to breathe easier. It’s part of why we love what we do!

Whatever task you need completed, we can help you find the perfect vendors for the job. Our little black book is actually a goldmine of the best vendors for any task you can think of in cities all over the world. We meticulously vet everyone we work with so that our clients can rest assured the most professional people are on the job.

Check out the amazing photos from the move here.

We cleaned out the guest room so Grandma could visit

If you have a guest room that is filled with knick-knacks, laundry you never got around to folding, extra supplies you haven’t yet organized, or a bunch of, for lack of a better word, junk, you’re not alone. Most of us never stay in our guest rooms, so we honestly forget about them until someone is coming for a visit. However, the idea of taking the time to clean it out can be overwhelming. Call us instead!

Our lifestyle management company is well versed in decluttering spaces, organizing odds and ends, and helping your place look picture perfect before your mother-in-law (or anyone for that matter) comes to stay for a while. We’ll even arrange a dinner delivery for you to make the stay more hassle-free. Though we can’t help with her judgments over parenting decisions or questioning your paint color choices, we can at least ensure she has a clutter-free place to rest her head at night.

Our company helps support other businesses

Many of our clients are not just busy corporate professionals, but they are the founders and CEO’s of their own local businesses. There is so much work that goes into managing a company and it is impossible for one person to do it alone. Our team will handle any number of administrative tasks for your company, making it easier for you to focus on the big picture in business. 

We offer real solutions that will help your company grow and thrive. Appointment setting for clients, answering emails, payroll, filing and tracking expenses for taxes. We even research, create and distribute newsletters for some clients to keep their customer base up-to date with any news, promotions or offers going on.

One client is quoted saying “Carver Concierge is an essential component of my business plan. Carver Concierge allows me to focus on my clients and future plans by taking care of any and all admin functions I need handled. They are professional, friendly and above all capable and creative. If you need more time in your day, and who doesn’t, Carver Concierge is the answer you’re looking for.”

We’ve provided party assistance for a Thanksgiving party

Our team provided on site party assistance for a Thanksgiving party including, pick up & delivery of party trays, serviceware and handled all the set up. We also greeted guests, handled receiving of gifts, filled drinks & trays as needed and even cleaned up after. We made sure that our client enjoyed the party, mingled with guests and never had to think twice about all the logistics required in the background. Our client wanted each guest to go home with a delicious pumpkin or apple pie from a local bakery and we made sure no one left empty handed. 

We also have booked venues for company parties, hired all the vendors, sent the invitations, and taken care of every task related to the celebration. We even managed the clean up after the party has ended. All our clients have to do is pick out an outfit, show up and enjoy the night. Doesn’t that sound a lot less stressful than doing it all yourself? 

Our Elves are happy to handle your Christmas list

The holidays can get incredibly busy for people, and we don’t want you to miss out on any of the fun. Parties and getting together with family is supposed to be enjoyable. Give us your list, we’ll check it twice, and take care of everything for you. Kris Kringle would be proud of our group of elves. 

What is nicer than receiving a beautiful hand-written Christmas card? It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But who has the time to sit down and write them all, especially at the holidays when things are busier than ever? And if you’re like most people your address book might be a tad unorganized, don’t stress- let us handle organizing your addresses and getting the cards sent out faster than you can say “Red Nosed Reindeer”. 

There are family gifts to buy, teacher gifts, corporate gifts and the list goes on and on…Carver Concierge Holiday Elves are here for you. Our team picks up all the gifts and wraps them, buys and hand addresses your holiday cards, and even sends gifts and cards in the mail for you. How wonderful would it be to skip the lines in stores and at the post office this year? You won’t even have to set down your eggnog latte to give us a call.

We moved a baby grand piano over 125 miles

While this is another moving story, it just goes to show how far our lifestyle management company will go for you. Moving specialty items can be a challenge, while this one is a bit more common than a canoe if you’ve ever moved and you own a grand piano you will know it’s no small task. This relocation included other large items like huge persian rugs, delicate chandeliers and priceless artwork…moving a baby grand piano over 125 miles to its new home required the utmost precision and delicacy which our incredible team at Carver Concierge was ready to provide.

If you have a move coming up, our amazing team can pack and relocate you anywhere. We’ll coordinate for a charity to pick up items you would like to donate, clean the carpets, arrange for your movers to collect and transport your other pieces, and load select items into storage if needed. From start to finish we manage ALL the details, big and small, without you needing to lift a finger. Then, once you’re safely in your new space, we’ll unpack, organize, breakdown boxes, and even fill your fridge so you can enjoy your new place that much faster. Let us take the hassle and stress out of the experience!

Check out some photos of one of our moves complete with a piano here. While you’re there, be sure to give our Facebook page a “like.” We’re always sharing tips and ideas you can use to get more out of your time.

We planned many a date night too

When is the last time you and your special someone went out for a date? Away from the kids, work and all the stress of everyday life. Would you love to have some time to reconnect with the one you love?

Carver Concierge’s date night services are just what you’re looking for. Do you want a classic romantic night out? Couples spa day? Or maybe an adventurous Saturday outdoor date is more your speed, whatever you are looking for we have the ideal date for any couple. Let us take the hassle out of planning your special evening together. 

What can our lifestyle management company handle for you?

We could go on and on with our examples of the wide variety of tasks we’ve handled for our clients. The bottom line is this – you don’t have to do it all, and you shouldn’t try to. Brian Tracy said, “Time is your most precious resource, make every minute count.” 

Let us give you some of those precious minutes back! No task is too big or too weird. We’ve done it all, and can’t wait to help you with your to-do list. Check out our full list of other services that our heels on the ground offer. Click each link for an extended list

Personal services: From travel arrangements to grocery shopping, home organizing to floral service coordination, we can help you manage all the tasks of life at home

Business services: You have enough on your plate at work, dare to delegate some of those jobs that don’t need to be done by you

Relocation services: As we shared above, we go to great lengths to make moving as seamless as possible

College student services: It’s hard enough sending your kids away to college, let us take care of getting them settled in their new chapter

Don’t see a service that you need help with? That’s okay! We’re ready for any task you might have. Schedule your personal consultation with us today, so you can breathe easier tomorrow. (813)-546-4070