Where Can I Find a Personal Concierge?

We consult the internet for just about everything these days. With websites like Yelp, Facebook, HomeAdvisor – information, reviews and services are all at the tip of your fingers both day and night. As consumers, the ability to have lots of options available to us is a wonderful thing. There are 3.5 billion searches on Google every single day and according to Adaptive Marketing’s consumer survey 97% of people search the internet to find local businesses for their needs.

It’s simple and easy to let your fingers do the walking to the local pizza place’s menu, or even place an order online with the Publix bakery, but what about when you’re searching for something like a Personal Concierge?

Finding a lifestyle management company that is right for you, a company that fits your unique personal and business needs can sometimes be overwhelming. So how do you narrow down your search to a company that will work best for you?

Internet marketer, and outsource specialist Chris Ducker suggests writing what he calls his three lists to freedom. The first list should be filled with things you hate to do every day, list two is all the things you can’t do by yourself (such as developing your own website or creating your company logo), and the third list is the things you feel you should not be doing in your day-to-day life. 

These lists are now your roadmap towards working with a lifestyle management company to help you cross all of those things off your larger than life personal and/or professional to-do list. Once you have your roadmap in hand however, what’s the next step?

Where Do You Start in Your Quest to Find a Personal Concierge?

If you’re like most people, the first thing you will do is begin by searching online for personal concierges that can service your area locally, or that offer remote assistance. The truth is there are lots of lifestyle management companies out there. The trick is finding the right one for you without much hassle, so let’s consider what you should be looking for depending on your unique lifestyle and business needs. Unfortunately, the search can quickly become overwhelming for some people. 

You can simplify and refine your online search by adding keywords that describe the type of knowledge and experience you expect from a company. You can also use keywords for the kinds of services you need to be completed. 

There are a few specific things to keep in mind as you begin searching, however. First, you need a personal concierge that you can depend on to manage your specific lifestyle. You also want them to be able to execute the things on your to-do list precisely the way you want them done. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend hours, days, or weeks training a personal concierge. Besides, the whole reason for hiring them in the first place is to take the stress off your plate, not pile it on!  

What to Consider When Searching for a Personal Concierge Online

A few things you may need to ask yourself while searching online for a lifestyle management company include but aren’t limited to:

  • Is the company you are considering local? 
  • If they are not based locally, can they still service your area? 
  • Can the company manage your tasks remotely or do you need them physically close by?
    • Why do you need someone who can service you locally?
  • Do they have a history of working for clients, or are they new to the personal concierge industry?
    • Can they provide references?
  • What kinds of tasks will you be hiring them for?
    • Can they handle those tasks personally, or do they have preferred vendors they use?

You may want to do a thorough self-assessment similar to the three lists of freedom suggested earlier, to determine the kind of services you require. Write down everything that you do on a daily basis, and then be honest with yourself about what is on that list of things you do that other people handle do for you.

While it’s true that the personal concierge you hire may not be able to do all of the items on your list personally, imagine being able to hire them to manage all of the outsourcing of your list for you. 

For example, let’s say you need to hire a new accountant, a photographer for your company’s Christmas party, and a moving company for your relocation to a new city. The trouble is, you don’t have time to research and vet all these vendors and find the perfect one for your needs. That’s where a personal concierge can really shine for you. They can find the best people to fill those roles, while you finish up the final touches on that investor presentation or even take the day off to be with your family. 

Imagine being able to take all of those items on your lists, hand them off to someone else, and allowing everything to be taken care of on your behalf without you needing to make a single phone call or wait for a vendor to show up for an interview. Whatever your needs are, you want to ensure that the personal concierge you’re working with is comfortable doing all of the heavy lifting, such as searching for and hiring (and firing!) vendors for you. After all, the whole reason you are bringing a lifestyle manager on board is so you can get back to the things that bring you joy or make you money. 

When browsing the websites of the various lifestyle management companies you are considering, make sure they provide the type of services you require most. You can also inquire as to what other services they offer by inquiring via email using their contact page if there is something you need that isn’t listed. Also, keep in mind any other criteria you need your concierge to meet such as certifications, education, or experience. 

Where to Find The Best Personal Concierge Company

Enter Carver Concierge – the personal concierge company that has risen the bar in the lifestyle management industry. Whether you need short term or long term help with home organization, relocation services, corporate shopping and shipping, catering and event planning, travel, and more, Nicole Carver and her team are ready to take as many things off your list as you want. 
Read about Carver Concierge’s full list of services here

The beauty of working with a company like Carver Concierge is that they are well versed in managing a wide variety of business and lifestyle tasks. They will save you time and money by managing your schedule, researching local vendors, booking your travel and dining reservations, and so much more. Using their network of contacts, virtually every aspect of your life and business that you can anticipate can be taken care of on your behalf. 

You can read our full list of frequently asked questions here, to learn more about what it’s like working with Carver Concierge

Ready to Find a Personal Concierge in Your Area?

Though Carver Concierge is based in the Tampa and Nashville, our team is available to serve you no matter where in the world you are located. Through a collaborative network of national and international concierges, Carver Concierge is able to provide geographically unlimited services to our clients. We believe that hiring a lifestyle management company should make your life easier, not harder. Because of this, upon setting up an appointment with us, we can call or come to you and start working with you in as little as one day. To learn more about working with us, call us at (813)-546-4070.