Your Holiday Travel Guide

The holidays are right around the corner; a time for food, family and making memories to last a lifetime. Many of you may be traveling this Thanksgiving and while holidays can be synonymous with stress, they don’t have to be. Whether you are hosting a house full of guests or heading to a destination this year, Carver Concierge is here to help you navigate holiday travel without ever breaking a sweat.

Tips for Outbound travelers

  • Travel early, late & light.

Airline statistics show that flights earlier in the day are more likely to stick to their schedules, avoiding delays that can cost you time and patience. By traveling flying earlier you also have the option for backup plans if something does come up.

Hitting the road much later in the day can help you avoid the lines and traffic that you’d normally encounter during peak travel hours.

Pack light and skip the dreaded baggage lines. Bringing gifts? Try gift cards, or ship your gifts via Amazon right to your destination to help make your trip a breeze.

  • Technology is your friend

There’s an app for that” Check out the latest travel apps. suggests Gateguru which gives you approximate times you’ll spend in the security check for the airport.

Googlemaps is our go-to for mapping out driving destinations.

Gasbuddy can help you find the least expensive fuel prices in the area.

Most hotels & airports also offer their own free website portal features that can help you check in faster, pay on the go or even recommend local amenities.

  • Plan ahead

Pack early don’t wait until the day before your flight to pack, get your tickets in order or decide what route to take. If you’re driving plan alternate routes just in case.

Remember to pack a snack and water for when you’re on the road or waiting at the airport. Bring a book or earbuds to make a noisy flight more enjoyable.


Tips for having incoming guests


  • Make a list…. check it twice


Santa’s not the only person who benefits from list making; writing down the things you need at least a week ahead of time will help ensure you have everything you need for the big (turkey) day. Grocery stores will be busy in the days before Thanksgiving and the hustle & bustle can tend to make you lose focus on what exactly you need to get, creating a list will also help you relax because you know you’ve gotten everything you came there for.

  • Be prepared.

If your guests are staying the night, make sure you’ve prepared the essential things like bedding being washed and extra toiletries to make them feel at home.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Get your oven and refrigerator serviced before a big holiday to avoid any food temperature issues.

Stock up on extra essentials like bottled water, coffee and basic snacks for your grazing guests.

  • Enjoy yourself

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re hosting a holiday or big event, but remember to breathe and take some time to enjoy your loved ones. Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks, most guests are happy to help since you’re hosting the big event. Let someone watch the timer, help set the table or pour drinks- by letting your guests engage in the event you’re able to bond and create that cozy family atmosphere we all want during holidays.

Don’t get “holidazed” with your to-do list. Carver Concierge will always make sure that your holiday is a jolly one. Whether you are hosting the holidays or just bringing a side dish, Carver Concierge can assist you to make this year a memorable and stress-free holiday season. We offer travel planning services- let us book your flight, hotel or rental car. Let us shop for gifts for your loved ones, tackle the post office, mail your holiday cards, deliver groceries or house sit while you’re away. We can help you plan your holiday event, deliver the supplies and even help you decorate or assist in hiring a housekeeper. Gift certificates are available now!