5 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Concierge for Your Home Remodel

You love your home and plan to stay in it for more years to come, but you’d love to bring its design current by adding that kitchen feature you’ve always wanted or turning your master bathroom into an oasis. Maybe you have an entire kitchen gut job ahead of you if you remodel, and while the thought of what it could be in the end excites you, the idea of tearing your house apart leaves you feeling anything but excited. 

Have you considered all the moving parts?

If you are thinking of reinventing your space, consider the many moving parts involved— a general contractor, painters, and tile and flooring layers, just to name a few of the people who may be involved in a large-scale project; the hours of phone calls to schedule them; and the time you’ll spend overseeing your home’s projects.. Adding more complexity, living in a post-pandemic time doesn’t help to move things along either, as many companies are still in short supply of high-demand materials needed for a home renovation. The workers themselves are also harder to find. 

At Carver Concierge, we understand that just because you decide to remodel your home doesn’t mean the rest of your life can hit pause until you complete your big project. And unfortunately, stress levels almost always increase when you take on something as significant as a home remodel. Not being able to live in your home as you did before and waiting for the final renovation day can feel like an eternity. 

You can have your dream home and keep your life intact. 

But what if there was another way that left you feeling excited about the dream home you want without the added stress and putting more on your plate? A personal concierge for your home remodel will step in on your behalf to make your project flow as smoothly as possible with the least amount of worry. Here are some ways Carver Concierge’s teams in Nashville and Tampa help busy people like you make home remodels run easier and smoother: 

  1. Declutter- Before starting your home remodel, you will need your space cleared of all your personal belongings. This is a great time to go through items and decide what will go and remain in your newly redesigned home. A personal concierge can do all of this for you. 
  2. Arrange temporary storage- Temporarily relocating larger pieces of furniture, electronics, and other household items to storage can accommodate the remodel space so that contractors can perform their jobs effectively. However, rehoming furniture requires time and person power. Carver Concierge services in Nashville and Tampa can help find and coordinate temporary storage solutions for your belongings, so they are not in the way or damaged during your home remodel. 
  3. Provide you with our Preferred Partner list- We have an extensive, vetted network of professionals who work alongside our concierge team to care for all your home remodel projects. The companies on our list are those we trust to provide our clients with the same high-quality standards we uphold. Your personal concierge for your home remodel can connect you to the best general contractors, landscape and garden designers, interior designers, and interior decorators. 
  4. Be on-site so you don’t have to reorganize your other priorities- Having someone you trust at your home while countless vendors are working on it is a massive weight off your shoulders. We can handle everything from scheduling contractors to waiting at your home for all service providers. We’ll ensure the project runs smoothly and deal with any possible hiccups.  
  5. Set up your remodeled space- With your home remodel finally complete, setting up how you would like the layout can be challenging. However, your personal concierge can expertly unpack and organize your new living space quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to living your life. 

A home remodel doesn’t have to take over your life. Let Carver Concierge help you every step of the way with our team of experts. Contact us by phone at 813-546-4070 or by email at info@carverconcierge to get ready for your Tampa or Nashville home remodel today.