5 Steps to Avoid Burnout and Be Your Best Self

The long summer days are slowly winding down. While we may have experienced the natural turn-down of business during the summer months, it may have also provided the right timing to take the family vacation derailed by the pandemic. Or maybe, you just took the time to start your workdays a little later or end them earlier. 

What happens frequently, however, is that although the busy business season ahead is as sure as the weather change to come, we jump in without a plan. Then, the holiday season arrives, and we end up burnt out sometime before the time when we ideally want to be refreshed to enjoy what should be a joyous season.

How to identify burnout

Burnout can happen at home or work. It seems to sneak up on us, but it actually comes along gradually until its effects are so significant that you can’t ignore them. Total exhaustion. Low motivation. Short fuse. Most of us have experienced burnout at some point, and it’s hard to recover after getting there. It’s better, then, to work on prevention.   

How to avoid burnout

So what are some steps you can take now to avoid burnout? We’ve put a list together of simple ways you can ensure you stay your best self as the busy season of fall arrives.

  1. Make time for creative outlets. When work gets busy, we tend to consume the time our minds need for harmony with more work. Do you enjoy playing an instrument, refinishing furniture, or journaling in the morning? It’s essential to block the time on your calendar now for the activities you need to keep stress at bay and your mind content. 
  2. Set aside time for your health. It’s tempting to want to skip the workout or eat something fast on-the-go to have more time to work. But if you’re working from a place of poor health habits, you’re likely not showing up as your best self. Instead, consider what time of day you need a natural brain break, and put the time on your schedule to take a walk, hit the gym, or enjoy time for lunch. The work will be there when you’re break is over, but you’ll probably conquer it with more energy and focus. 
  3. Engage mindfulness. This is a simple task that you’ll need to practice. First, check in with yourself a couple of times a day. Ask yourself if you’re experiencing stress from any particular source and logically think through the situation before your emotions take over. Then, find a way to release and reset, such as taking time for quiet meditation, deep breathing, or contemplating gratitude. By becoming better in tune with yourself, you’ll see waves of stress before they come crashing down and manage your responses to stress in more productive ways. 
  4. Delegate tasks. It’s hard for many to learn that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should (or even that you’re the best for all the hats you’re trying to wear). When it comes to your work hours, time is money. If you’re spending time doing tasks that don’t require you, you could be eating into your profits. At home, you can also outsource many tasks such as housekeeping, landscape upkeep, and even laundry. Time spent on jobs you can delegate to others can cost you at home in your joy. At Carver Concierge, we help our clients in Nashville and Tampa delegate and manage the tasks of their lives, so they can make more money and create more moments with those they love. 
  5. Plan your next (or first) vacation of the year. According to Purely HR, CEOs and other workplace leaders are often part of the 50% of Americans who don’t use their vacation time. It’s a trend that has been documented for years and continues because executives feel they need to be present for their teams and find it hard to step away from emails and phone calls to give themselves time away. While you may have some reservations about stepping out for a vacation, your family needs that time, and you need that time to stay creative and enjoy your work. You need time to reset before auto-pilot and burnout set in. We help busy people get away all the time and take care of their homes and day-to-day tasks while they enjoy relaxing. 

These simple steps are ones you can take now in the slow turn of the season. Burnout doesn’t have to be what lies ahead with the right plans and supports in place. Carver Concierge offers a broad array of personal services to keep your life in order and prevent burnout before it even starts!