7 Tasks to Check Off Your Summer Home Maintenance List

7 Tasks to Check Off Your Summer Home Maintenance List

Summer is the time of year that reminds us of some of the best life moments- carefree childhood memories, family vacations, and evening dinner parties on the patio. As we gather our friends and family in the sunshine, under the stars or poolside to make new summer memories, there are tasks you’ll want to tick off your summer home maintenance list, so your entertaining spaces are ready for your next summer soiree. 

Indoor Summer Home Maintenance

1. Deep clean carpets and rugs

Summer means that more people will be walking through your home. And, If you have kids out of school for the summer, you might have an uptick in friends visiting or sleeping over now that school is out. Whether you’re hosting a ladies’ night or unrolling the sleeping bags in front of the television for your teens, one thing is sure: you want your rugs to feel, look, and smell clean. 

2. Clean overlooked surfaces

Sometimes the house is clean, but it just doesn’t feel clean. We’ve all been there. One culprit could be overlooked smudges on walls, cabinets, and lightswitch plates. These surfaces tend not to be cleaned as often as the countertops and floors. But over time, they can accumulate dust, fingerprints, and smudge marks from everyday living. 

3. Clean your air vents and service your AC.

Your air vents and registers work overtime in the summer to keep your home cool. But if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, they may also spread dust and allergens to every corner of your house. Even worse, you may lose some airflow if your vents are too dusty. Clear them out for cooler and fresher air. Also, schedule your AC company to give your system a seasonal look-over and maintenance, and you won’t risk returning from your summer vacation to a hot home and broken AC unit. 

Outdoor Summer Home Maintenance

4. Seed the yard. 

If you’d like to cultivate the perfect yard for outdoor activities but your grass looks a little patchy, it may be time to seed it. Some types of grass grow better when planted in the summer – and those afternoon showers will give it plenty of water. A lawn care expert can determine the best way to make your yard green and luscious. 

5. Aerate the lawn.

Aerating the lawn is another way to keep your yard and grass looking healthy. Making small holes in the soil allows water and nutrients to reach the grass more efficiently, making your grass look healthy and full. Ask your lawn care specialist for more information on the benefits of aeration. 

6. Add fresh mulch.

Day after day, you come home and walk past your planters. Your hedges and bushes are trimmed, and no weeds are peeking through, but they still look underwhelming. Why? It may be time to add some fresh mulch. Over time, mulch fades in color and decomposes into the soil, losing its shape. The change happens gradually, so you may not notice it. But trust us, once you replace it with fresh mulch, your home will look and feel brand new!

7. Remove and prevent weeds. 

Adding new plants to your garden is always fun, but returning weeks or months later to pull the weeds out is less enjoyable – especially in the summer heat. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to treat weeds and even prevent many of them from coming back. If this is a task you’d rather delegate, we can connect you with the perfect landscaper to freshen up your garden. 

Let’s Get Your Summer To-do List Done

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend your hours coordinating professionals or doing the work around your house this season yourself to have a magazine-worthy home.  

At Carver Concierge, we can help you find and schedule the right professionals to complete any home maintenance task on your list. We understand you’d rather spend your precious free time with your friends and family this summer – not weeding and seeding your lawn or cleaning carpets. Carver Concierge partners with the best  home service providers to serve our clients in Tampa Bay and Nashville.

It’s time to give your home a summer glow-up! Contact us today to get started.

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