The Transformational Beliefs of High-Achieving Women

You may have already achieved owning a million-dollar business or becoming a CEO, but you always set your sights on the next goal. Congratulations – you’re a high-achieving woman! But occasionally, you may find that you’re subconsciously holding yourself back from your next level of success. If you’re feeling indecisive or have reached a plateau, it may be time to examine your mindset and discover the transformational beliefs of high-achieving women.

We’ve compiled a list of transformational beliefs of high-achieving women, so you can get your mindset back on track! 

Powerful and Transformational Beliefs of High-Achieving Women:

Growth Mindset

One of the most foundational beliefs of high-achieving women is a growth mindset—the belief that you can always improve your skills, flaws, and other characteristics. Women who have adopted a growth mindset believe they can always get better regardless of their starting point. These women seek out mentors and educational opportunities to level up continuously. 

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. If you’re looking at your and others’ achievements through the scope of luck or innate talent – factors over which people have no control – or thinking you have hit a growth ceiling, a fixed mindset might be at play. 

By changing the way you think, you can break through the limitations that have been holding you back for years and achieve your wildest dreams.  

Internal Locus of Control 

An internal locus of control goes hand-in-hand with a growth mindset. When you have an internal locus of control, you generally believe you have control over the circumstances in your life. So, for example, if someone believes that their meeting went well because they were confident and prepared for it, they likely have an internal locus of control. 

On the other hand, people with an external locus of control believe that forces they can’t control – luck, misfortune, other people are responsible for their outcomes. These beliefs apply to both their failures and their successes. Ultimately, they don’t take full responsibility for their shortcomings or give themselves credit for their wins. The result? A feeling of disempowerment. 

In reality, life is made up of things you can and can’t control. But when you focus your mental energy on the parts you can change, you’ll feel a greater sense of responsibility for your outcomes. And, you might be surprised at how much control you really have and even how many successes you haven’t given yourself adequate credit for!

Abundance, not Scarcity 

What you believe shapes how you act. For example, if you think there are enough opportunities and resources to go around, you will act calmly, rationally, and generously when making decisions. On the other hand, if you believe that opportunities are scarce, you may make knee-jerk decisions that don’t always have the best outcomes. High-achieving women have an abundance mindset that allows them to assess new opportunities fairly and rationally.

Although some people infuse this concept with spiritual meaning (and you’re certainly welcome to), the idea of an abundance mindset is rooted in psychology. When you feel like you have abundant opportunities, you’re less likely to take one that’s a bad fit just because it’s better than nothing.

So, how do you cultivate an abundance mindset? The best place to start is by making lists: what you’re grateful for, what you’ve accomplished, and what potential opportunities you have coming up. Then, when you see a clearer picture of the opportunities you’ve already snagged – and the ones that are still out there – you’ll be able to shed your scarcity mindset once and for all and seize the next best opportunity meant for you.

The Value of Time and Money

Once they reach a certain level of success, high-achieving women realize they need to rethink how they spend their time and money. They may discover they actually need to spend money to invest in their personal or business growth – such as buying a course or joining a mastermind group. These can come with a hefty price tag, but they can help generate their investment many times over. 

High-achieving women also outsource tasks that don’t produce income. Tasks you delegate could be the laundry, housekeeping, lawncare – anything that takes up time you could be investing in your business or career. It might seem like an unnecessary expense if you’ve never spent money on these types of services. After all, you could do it yourself for free, or so it seems. But you might be surprised to find that by outsourcing five hours of home care a week, you can use that time to land one or two more clients. In the end, you haven’t just invested in housekeeping services. You’ve invested in yourself. 

Are You Ready to Achieve More Joy and Success?

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