Tips for an Easy Seasonal Wardrobe Change

Are you someone that finds yourself looking forward to this time of year when it starts getting chilly, making plans for nights around the fire pit instead of pool parties and barbecues? Do you love all the warm hues that the winter season brings? As you get ready to start attending holiday parties and family gatherings and embrace the cooler temperatures that come along with the new season, one of the seasonal changes you have to make is to your wardrobe. 

When should you make your seasonal wardrobe change?

There is no real designated time for the change to start; however, most of the items you wear for spring and summer will not have a place in your autumn and winter closet. Depending on where you live, you may have to make adjustments sooner rather than later, but eventually, you want to quickly access your scarves, cozy sweaters, and boots instead of spending your valuable time digging through the warm months’ items for your cooler weather clothing. 

Clean out your closets and drawers.

It would be best to begin your seasonal wardrobe change by going through all your summer clothing first, as these will be the first items to get packed up or dropped off for donation. Take this opportunity to sort through the rest of your current wardrobe and purge articles of clothing that may have been sitting around for some time without being worn or pieces that are just outdated. A great rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it within the last year, it’s time to let it go. 

If you are planning on packing items up for the following year, label the storage boxes that you put them in so that you can easily locate them when the time is right to pull them back out. Cleaning your closets and drawers from last season’s clothes will allow you to fill them more easily with this season’s items. 

Keep in mind, we help our clients with sorting donations and creating organization systems. We understand these tasks take time, so we’re happy to put these tasks on our lists and take them off of yours. 

Organize, organize, organize.

Now that your closet is empty and ready for your new winter wardrobe, take this time to organize how you are sorting your clothing. A couple of great ways to do this are sorting by color, item type, or occasion. Not only will this keep your closet visually appealing, but it will also allow you to locate items that you may need for different occasions quickly. 

Properly store out-of-season clothes.

So where do you put the clothes that you want to bring back next year? A few ideas for storing your clothes are storage bins either under the bed or up high in your closet, garment bags that can hang in the back of your closet, or storage benches. However, if you decide to store your summer wardrobe, be sure that you wash and dry them first before storing.
Seasonal changes mark times of renewal. So why not renew your seasonal wardrobe? Remember,  Carver Concierge can assist you with getting items ready for donation, personal shopping for a new wardrobe, and organizing your closet for ease. Contact us for a consultation today so you can begin breathing easier tomorrow. .